Description: An incomplete iron, wrought Medieval tanged arrowhead c. 1200 - 1450 AD. This small iron arrowhead may fit into the swallowtail form but in the absence of much of the tangs, it is difficult to be conclusive on type. The head consists of a narrow triangular form with a diamond cross section. The tangs are now largely broken away. The surface is heavily eroded with considerable ferrous oxide and in danger of fragmenting, if not conserved. Dimensions. 43.75mm long, 13.33mm wide with the socket remnant measuring 6.2mm. It weighs 3.7gm. Similar arrowheads can be seen on the PAS database: ESS-3DF6FB, and BERK-3E1305.
Date: 1200 - 1450

Object type: ARROWHEAD

Last import: September 22, 2022

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