BROOCH 930489

Description: An incomplete Middle Saxon (Early Medieval) copper alloy ansate or caterpillar brooch, dating to c AD 720 - 850. What remains is the handle shaped (ansate) part of the brooch which probably originally had two equal length arms, one now with an early break. The brooch has a high arch in the centre and throughout is U shape in section (domed or convex). Two incomplete lugs extend from near the end of the surviving arm and a single lug from what was probably a similar position on the other, broken, arm. The arms are decorated with groups of transverse grooves interspersed with ridges. The apex of the central arch is also decorated with two grooves with a central ridge, though this is ill defined. Dimensions:44mm in length; 5.5mm width; 5.38g in weight. cf A Visual Catalogue... (2007) Hattatt p380 fig 239 and LIN-1B9461. Also A Corpus of Anglo Saxon Material from Suffok (1998) West p 12 and 128 fig 12 no 1.described as Huber Group 9 9th c AD.
Date: 720 - 850

Object type: BROOCH

Last import: September 22, 2022

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