BEAD 927052

Description: A copper alloy bead of probable Iron Age or Early Roman date, c. 800BC - AD50. The bead is broadly biconical, with a circumferencial ridge around its outside edge, and is sub-triangular in profile.. It has a slightly off-centre, cast circular aperture with smooth, straight sides. The patina is a smooth, dull, dark grey-green. The bead is 10.8mm in diameter, with the aperture approximately 4.8mm across. It is 4mm wide and 2.9mm thick, and weighs 1.6g. It can be compared to a similar copper alloy ring, No. 143, excavated at Camerton, identified as a possible harness pendant or strap terminal (Jackson 1990: 48 & plt. 14). The Camerton bead is dated to the mid-1st century BC to AD. Compare also the very similar SUSS-F2DF27 and SUSS-C8CF13, for which a much broader date range is suggested. Although their use remains uncertain, similar items are recorded on this database as beads, cf. SUR-14AA83, BH-431B44.
Date: -800 - 50

Object type: BEAD

Last import: September 22, 2022

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