BELL 867561

Description: An incomplete copper-alloy post-medieval clapper-bell, dating to the period AD 1600-1900. It is conical in form, oval in shape with an oval crown, and missing the clapper. At the crown of the bell is an integral, rectangular section, but tapering, sub triangular or trapezoidal shape suspension lug with a central circular perforation. This perforation is filled with a corroded metal, perhaps iron. The base of the bell has a slightly thickened band, the sound bow, 7.58mm in height, 2.04mm thick. Some corroded matter inside the bell, at the apex, may be the remains of the top of the clapper. ​The bell is 61.85mm in height, the oval base 50.45mm x 44.35mm. It weighs 73.26g.
Date: 1600 - 1900

Object type: BELL

Last import: September 22, 2022

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