AMPULLA 814350

AMPULLA 814350
Description: An incomplete medieval bag or flask shaped lead ampulla dating to AD1350 - 1530. The sidelugs are missing. The ampulla has been opened at an early date and now has a split running from the top right of one side and reaching almost to the base of the bowl. The bowl is oval and the neck is sub-rectangular in cross-section flaring outwards at the top. The flask is decorated on one face with longitudinal lines radiating outwards in the scallop shell pattern described by Brian Spencer (SSWM Medieval Catalogue Part 2) as type II. The opposite face of the object has a raised feature, possibly foliate, set against or above, fine diagonal lines. It is 52.06mm in length, 29.54mm in width and weighs 37.69g.
Date: 1350 - 1530

Object type: AMPULLA

Last import: August 15, 2017

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