BROOCH 793526

BROOCH 793526
Description: An incomplete Roman copper alloy bow brooch of uncertain type dating to the period c. AD 50 - 150. The pin, most of the bow, the foot and the catchplate are missing. The brooch now measures 18.22mm in length, 16.72mm maximum width, 5.80mm minimum width, is 4.92mm thick and weighs 2.60g. The head exhibits cylindrical wings, both of which are incomplete due to old breaks. The wings retain the axis bar for the hinged pin mechanism and are separated by a central pin slot. The butt of thew missing pin is visible in the pin slot, wrapped around the pin bar. A plate projects from the top of the head above the pin slot. It is now trapezoidal and exhibits old breaks on three sides. The bow arches back fom the head and tapers to an old break. It is decorated with a raised central ridge incised with a series of three parallel longitudinal lines.
Date: 50 - 150

Object type: BROOCH

Last import: August 15, 2017

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