INGOT 778456

INGOT 778456
Description: Thin fragment of gold ingot of probably ancient (more than 300 years old) but otherwise uncertain Description: The ingot has been hammered relatively thin and has one rounded end. The other, rougher and probably deliberately cut end was likely severed by a blow from a chisel. Measurements: L.: 17mm W.: 9mm Thickness: 1.8mm Wt.: 2.81g Discussion: Dr. Richard Hobbs Weston Curator of Roman Britain, Britain, Europe & Prehistory, The British Museum comments that the object likely dates to more than 300 years and contains more than 10% precious metal and therefore likely qualifies as treasure as stipulated in the Treasure Act 1996. This item has also been subjected to XRay Fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) analysis and found to have 70% Gold, 12% Silver, 16% Copper & 2% trace other metals.

Object type: INGOT

Last import: August 15, 2017

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