BELL 632172

BELL 632172
Description: An incomplete and squashed Post-Medieval (1500-1700) silver bell, missing its loop. Its shape is possibly distorted, but it is apparently oval in cross-section, measuring 14.04x12.82mm at its widest part (around the middle). It survives to a height of 9.59mm (originally c.11mm) and weighs 1.40g. The bell is formed of two separate hemispheres. The lower hemisphere is squashed and there is damage to the two sound holes and adjoining slot. There is no apparent decoration. The upper hemisphere is decorated with a line of punched dots flanking the join, above which is a zig-zag line of rocker arm and beyond another line of punched dots. At the apex of this hemisphere is a slight depression and the scar of the missing loop. A (probably copper alloy) pea is visible through the sound slot on the lower hemisphere. The bell may have been used on the collar of a domestic animal or perhaps on a hunting bird.
Date: 1500 - 1700

Object type: BELL

Last import: August 15, 2017

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