VESSEL 600452

Description: A fragment of a Medieval / Post Medieval copper alloy vessel. It measures 58.8mm in length, 33.87mm in width and is 3.81mm thick. It weighs 34.75 grams. Crudely made cast copper alloy vessels were widely used from c.1200-1800 for serving and cooking. Butler and Green (2003; 15) state 'there is evidence that (cast copper alloy) metal cooking vessels became increasingly common during the 13th and 14th centuries'. While certain specialist cast copper alloy vessels such as skillets remained in use later 'bronze cauldrons in general seem to have been superseded in the early years of the 18th century when their place was taken by cast-iron vessels which were cheaper to make and more durable to use.' (ibid: 22)
Date: 1200 - 1800

Object type: VESSEL

Last import: August 15, 2017

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