BUCKLE 596887

Description: An incomplete medieval copper-alloy buckle with integral plate dating to the period c. AD 1250- 1500. The pin is missing.The buckle consists of a broadly D-shaped frame with a sub-triangular notched lip. from the back of which extends a plate which divides into an upper and lower plate and terminates in an old break. The loop measures 13.65mm in diameter (internal diameter 9.39mm). The plate extending from the loop is broadly ovular in plan and measures 11.97mm in width. It features a central rivet hole which still houses the remains of the rivet. The plate then narrows to a width of 9.80mm and then tapers to a width of 14.15mm. At a length of 30.52mm the plate bifurcates into a top and bottom plate. There is a second central rivet hole, again with the remans of the rivet in situ and the plate then terminates in an old break. The buckle measures 40.24mm in length, 14.89mm at its widest point, 9.80mm at its narrowest point and weighs 8.24g.
Date: 1250 - 1500

Object type: BUCKLE

Last import: August 15, 2017

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