PIN 458729

PIN 458729
Description: An Early-Medieval (700-800) copper alloy disc-headed pin with a bent shaft. It measures 40.10mm (bent) and weighs 2.65g. Straightened it would measure c.60mm. The circular head measures 13.82mm in diameter and is 1.11mm thick. It is joined to the shank by a 5.43x1.96x1.18mm platform. The shank measures 2.47mm in diameter in cross-section and is hipped roughly half way along. This is 3.06mm thick and narrows to a point 1.02mm in diameter. The head is decorated with a double-ring and dot motif at the centre, with another double ring flanking the outside edge. The reverse face is plain. Kevin Leahy comments: '...its most distinguishing feature is its 'hipped' shank, a feature that appears on such notable examples as the Witham pins'.
Date: 700 - 800

Object type: PIN

Last import: August 15, 2017

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