AXEHEAD 255502

AXEHEAD 255502
Description: Fragment of Early (or Middle) Bronze Age bronze flanged axehead (or possibly palstave axehead although the flanges are a bit low), consisting of the damaged butt end only. It measures 24.43x(max)26.86x(max)8.77mm and weighs 25.15g. The damaged butt end appears to be complete at one corner and broken at the other. Just off centre is a bubble in the metalwork, possibly contributing to the break by weakening the metal. The break at the other end of the fragment is I-shaped in section, just as the flanges are beginning to develop. The fragment is too small with not enough surviving of the flanges to tie it down further. 1900 – 1100 BC.
Date: -900 - -700

Object type: AXEHEAD

Last import: August 15, 2017

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