BUCKLE 217533

BUCKLE 217533
Description: Medieval copper alloy buckle plate with copper alloy pin and iron axis bar in situ. There is a white concretion on both faces of the plate as well as iron concretion, apparantly from an iron rivet (4mm in diameter) visible on one face. This rivet appears to be securing a sheet if ?lead/ ?iron to the other face, presumably for decorative purposes. The axis bar is 20.2mm long and the width of the buckle plate 16.4mm. The buckle plate is 19.5mm long and folded around the axis bar. The sheet in is slightly bent and 16.1mm in length. The object weighs 3.6g. 12th-14th century in date.
Date: 1100 - 1400

Object type: BUCKLE

Last import: August 15, 2017

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