Description: A virtually complete cast copper-alloy candle holder of early post-medieval date. There are some abrasions to the rim of the cup (Dia.: 21.15mm). The cup is c. 32mm in length and is decorated with three circumferential grooves, equally spaced at the top, centre and bottom. Below, the stem narrows to a diameter of 12.8mm. There is a bladed knop c. 34mm below the bowl (Dia.: 19.95mm). Above the socket (for fixture in a basal tray) the stem flares to an angled collar (Dia.: 19.75mm); there are some further abrasions to the base of the collar. There are some flatter areas on the stem, perhaps over the casting seam. The artefact is generally the dull grey colour of gunmetal. It would appear to be of a long-standing design, prevalent throughout the 16th century (cf. Egan 2005, 81; ref. 337). A contemporary socket probably from a branched candle holder has been found in the vicinity (HAMP-31C842).
Date: 1500 - 1600

Object type: CANDLE HOLDER

Last import: August 15, 2017

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