AXE 183366

AXE 183366
Description: A complete flint axe of Neolithic date (4500 BC – 2000 BC). The implement is a mixture of light grey and weathered white on its surface. It is symmetrical in plan, with slightly serpentine edges when viewed from the side; the longitudinal edges have been slightly 'battered'. In cross-section the axe is sub-lozengiform. In plan, the butt is evenly curved, as is the cutting edge which is also semi-circular. One face is less worked towards the butt end; there is a stop beyond this ridge which corresponds with a depression on the other surface. On this same face there is a relatively unworked area towards the cutting edge. On the opposite surface the area above the cutting edge is higher with some relatively long removals down to the cutting edge. Some of the features suggest that the axe might not have been fully finished; although both faces have been knapped overall such that no cortex survives there is no evidence of grinding.
Date: -4500 - -2000

Object type: AXE

Last import: August 15, 2017

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