BELL 153725

BELL 153725
Description: Post Medieval animal (‘crotal’ or ‘rumbler’) bell. This complete example has a square suspension loop between two sound holes located on the upper hemisphere. The sides of the upper hemisphere are slightly concave where the sound holes are located. One sound hole is sub-rectangular, the other circular. The upper hemisphere is plain and undecorated. There is a prominent ridge with a sub-rectangular cross section separating the upper and lower hemispheres. The sound slot on the lower hemisphere is parallel to the suspension loop. The surface of the bell is very worn, and there is a trace of incised decoration on the lower surface however the detail of the design is not clear; There is possibly a 'T' to one side of the sound slot. The spherical iron ball is still extant, however it is beginning to corrode. The bell has a dull brown-black patina with small patches of green copper corrosion. The bell is 39.01mm long, has a diameter of 31.52mm and weighs 32.97 grams.
Date: 1500 - 1650

Object type: BELL

Last import: August 15, 2017

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