BROOCH 101193

Description: Lower bow and foot of brooch, possibly of Hod Hill type. The lower bow is slightly tapering and is moulded forming a raised central ridge, longitudinal groove down each side (W. 8.81-7.4mm). The central ridge is decorated with a series of incised transverse grooves. Reverse of lower bow is concave. The bow then tapers sharply and also becomes thinner to form the foot which tapers to a flat projecting foot knob. Traces of white metal coating on upper surface. The pierced catchplate survives on the reverse of the foot. L. 35.85mm. W. 8.81-1.9mm. Th. 3.7mm. Wt. 3.01g. (Good).
Date: 50 - 100

Object type: BROOCH

Last import: August 15, 2017

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