Verderers New Forest 1877. Clerk’s Office, Romsey, Hampshire. 8th August 1900. (Handwritten letter from Mr. Mortimer to G.E. Briscoe Eyre Esq, Verderer of the New Forest.)

Author: GEW Mortimer
Description: Letter refers to amendments made by Cripps QC to clause 2 viz., 'there is a srtip of roadside waste part of the Forest on either side of the road' and clause 4 (b), viz., 'in respect of the said strip of roadsie waste' and (c) viz., 'and that the highway at the point in question passed over a common or waste or unenclosed ground'. Mortimer notes that the Lymington Bench refuse to accept these alterations despite the fact that 'there was green sward or waste beside the road and that it was waste of the Forest was sworn to at the time'.
Publisher: None
Period covered: 08-Aug-00
Format: Letter: Handwritten letter on printed Verderers New Forest notepaper

Primary Reference: 300000018

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