18 Redcliffe Square, S.W. 7 August 1900. (Handwritten letter from Briscoe Eyre to Mr. [GEW] Mortimer, Verderers New Forest.) [Folded inside CTL2016.1.19]

Author: JE Briscoe Eyre
Description: Letter refers to the 'straying case' and asks if Cripps QC has written any opinion and if not 'is he going to?' It also asks if Mortimer has received the second special case, 'ie for the Licensee who was convicted? If not, do you expect it shortly? It seems to me that what you want to find out from Cripps QC is what constitutes 'waste' .
Publisher: None
Period covered: 07-Aug-00
Format: Letter: Handwritten letter on printed personal notepaper

Primary Reference: 300000017

Last import: December 21, 2022

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