A Sunderland off Calshot (230 Sqdn Short Sunderland)

Description: A Sunderland off Calshot (230 Sqdn Short Sunderland)
Object number: MIL3/A02
Image location: Calshot

Primary Reference: 207056

Last import: December 8, 2021
  1. I’m 100% certain that this wreck has nothing to do with 230 squadron.

    Calshot Divers have done a number of dives on this site and disproven the local belief that this is PP118. Please contact us if you have any information or wish to discuss what we have found.


  2. NFNPA Archaeology

    Thank you for your comment. This record refers to a photo held by the New Forest Heritage Centre (unfortunately hasn’t been digitised yet so not visible on the site here yet, we’ll get on it) in this location and not the wreck. However it would be fascinating to hear more about all your work on the Sunderland Wreck at Calshot as teased in the Daily Echo article. Would you be happy to lodge a copy of any reports with the New Forest Heritage Centre? Also it would be great if you might be interested in uploading an article about your work to the site.

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