1 item (originally accompanying ‘Report on the Royal Military Canal Hythe’ by Captain Wrottesley, Royal …

Description: 1 item (originally accompanying 'Report on the Royal Military Canal Hythe' by Captain Wrottesley, Royal Engineers, March 1857) extracted from WO 55/1548/5. Kent and Sussex. 4 sheets of the Ordnance Survey one-inch Old Series England and Wales joined: IV and parts of III, V and VI. The combined map covers the area between Headcorn, Saint Margaret's Bay and Fairlight (near Hastings). Scale: 1 inch to 1 mile. [All marginalia, including details of printing, dates, etc, have been trimmed away]. MS title: 'Plan and sections of the Royal Military Canal'. MS additions, coloured: (i) highlighting the route of the canal (between Hythe and Cliff End); (ii) comprising two transverse sections, comparing the condition of the canal when newly built with the condition it had fallen into [by about 1857]. Sections to scale: 1 inch to 15 feet [1:180].
Date: 01/01/1816 - 31/12/1857
Last import: September 11, 2017

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