Assignment of leasehold properties for a nominal consideration

Description: William Paulett of Stansted [in Stoughton], gent., and w. Hannah, Samuel Cotton of Portsmouth (co. Hants), baker, and w. Ann, and Elizabeth Hale of Portsmouth aforesaid, wid. (lately called Elizabeth Benson, spinster) to Joseph Postlethwaite of the parish of St. Pancras, 'near the City of Chichester', cordwainer Land (1½a.) lying in the common field of Westbourne Recites: (i) lease, [date not given], for 1,000 years, from John, Lord Lumley [who held this title 1547-1609], to William Blyth of Westbourne, butcher, the property being then held by said William Blyth by copy of court roll of the manor of Westbourne; (ii) that the property is by good and lawful means vested in said Hannah Paulett, Ann Cotton and Elizabeth Hale Signatures of William Paulett, Samuel Cotton and Elizabeth Hale; mark of Hannah Paulett Witnesses - Francis Doyly, John Trusler
Last import: September 11, 2017

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