–Sir Edward Hale, Mr. Roberts, Thomas Culpepper, John Foule, John Culpepper, William Boys, and William White, Commissioners of Sewers (?) to the Mayor and Jurats of Rye.

Description: As for making a bridge at Kent Wall, though mending the "greate Roade at Newenden," by them, is more advantage to the whole country, than the want of the bridge can be prejudicial, yet if a bridge can be made at reasonable charge one shall be undertaken. As for the question of navigation, "wee may take it for a certaine rule that in a mayne nothinge can be hurtfull to the harbor of Rye that is not likewise hurtfull to our wett marshes, neyther can there any thinge be good to the generall of the levells, but must likewise be good for your harbor; therefore wee neede the lesse be jealous one of another. Hitherto there is nothinge done but what was done by the hand of God, but when the sea shalbe let into the great quantitie of lowe landes of Wittersham, for which wee pay soe large a rent of purpose to make an indraught, wee have noe doubt but both wee and you shall receave the good we hoped for by our worke. Besides our charge and paynes, wee have had a greate deale of patience and wee must desire you to have a little, till our work be finished."
Date: 01/01/1634 - 31/12/1634
Last import: September 11, 2017

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