Deed of Covenant securing public access to the monument to Sir Harry Burrard Neale at Walhampton and to the area around

Description: (i) Rev. Sir George Burrard, Walhampton, Boldre, bt (ii) George Burrard, eldest son of (i) (iii) Harry Burrard, second son of (i) (iv) Sidney Burrard, second son of (i) (v) Harriet Burrard, spinster, eldest daughter of (i) (vi) Theresa Burrard, spinster, second daughter of (i) (vii) Sir Charles Burrard, Lymington, bt., captain R.N Mayor and Burgesses of Lymington Recites the building of the Obelisk on Mount Pleasant, part of the Walhampton Estate of the Burrard, by public subscription
Date: 14/02/1842
Last import: September 11, 2017

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