–Francis Raworth to the Mayors and Jurats of Hythe, Romney, Hastings, Rye, and Winchelsea.

Description: I attended our Lord Warden on Tuesday last but he could give me no information as to whether the Queen would be crowned at his Majesty's coronation. His Honor was much offended that Mr. Edwardes was chosen one of the Solicitors about the Charters, alleging that the inhabitants of Faversham ever opposed themselves against the general Charter of the Ports and against his Lordship's jurisdiction of the Chancery Court of Dover. On Wednesday and Thursday last Mr. Kelk and myself attended at the Court, Windsor and Otelands, on my Lord High Steward who informed us that both the King and Queen would be crowned on the 25th of this month, and that two canopies were in making, yet the coronation would be private and their Majesties would take barge at Whitehall stairs and thence be landed at the Parliament house stairs, where the canopies should be ready to receive them, and from thence to go under the same into the Church of Westminster, and that the dinner, shows, and solemnities would be deferred until some further time. There are to be 32 Barons chosen out of the Ports for this service. I am secretly informed by a friend of mine that the Barons of the Ports ought to have scarlet for their gowns. I searched at the Wardrobe but was referred to the book of liveries which were given at the coronation of Henry VIII. and his Queene which is now in the custody of the Lord Chamberlain and which Mr. Kelk will endeavour to obtain. Scarlet is valued at 3li. 10s. the yard at least and crimson satin at 15s. the yard. The sickness is much more increased this week and is dispersed in all places about the city and therefore it will be fit that those who will be chosen to do this service should be provident where they lodge. The King and Queen and the Prince are yet at Otelands; to-morrow the King removeth to Hampton Court and the Queen and Prince will remain at Otelands till the day before the coronation.
Date: 01/01/1603 - 31/12/1603
Last import: September 11, 2017

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