Letter from Percy G Stone, Dibden Rectory, Southampton, to John H. Oglander, [Nunwell]

Description: "I find the lobby A is 2ft. 5" below the level of W.C. which I have taken as the datum level of the new room [sketch]. If we go to this lower level we shall have to underpin wall [between billiard room and dining room], a costly and difficult job, which I could not take upon myself to do without consulting you. It can, of course, be done, but would add 3 steps at least to the steps from dining room to billiard room. At the present level of floor as settled it would run about 2 feet out of the ground at [garden end of billiard room] and necessitate a flight of 4 steps to the garden. I shall be in the Island tomorrow and come over to Nunwell in the morning, unless I hear to the contrary (write to Sandown). P.S. The underpinning would be the simplest way out of the difficulty unless you give up the W.C. and entrance from the servants quarters. You see the lobby is only 6'8" high and if you take off the 2' 8" to get level with new room it would only leave 4 feet, so that we should have to break into the room above the lobby to get head room." Note: The Oglanders returned from London on 14 May. On the following day Florence recorded in her diary "They are digging the foundations for the new building room [sic] (103/74H)
Date: 16/05/1902
Last import: September 11, 2017

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