Conveyance (bargain and sale) to create a tenant to the precipe, (certified copy 1713). Consideration £100

Description: (a) Richard, Earl of Scarbrough and his son, Henry, Viscount Lumley; (b) James Worsley of Pilewell, co. Hants., esq. and George Cooke of the Inner Temple, London, esq.; (c) Peter Bettesworth of Brockenhurst, co. Hants., esq Rectory impropriate of Kirdford and the annual rent of £3. 10s. 0d payable to (a) From (a) to James Worsley at whose direction the property is conveyed to George Cooke as tenant in order to suffer a Common Recovery in which (c) shall be demandant Witnesses: Charles Worsley, William Samber and Edward Porter
Date: 19/10/1709
Last import: August 15, 2017

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