Three sites on the coastal zone: Roman, Saxon and Medieval – Abstract & Video

The following paper was presented at the New Forest Knowledge Conference 2017 entitled: New Forest Historical Research and Archaeology: who’s doing it? Below you will find the abstract of the paper and a video of the paper given if permission to film it was given by the speaker.


Dr Andy Russel, Southampton Archaeology Unit


The Southampton Archaeology Unit has worked on three interesting coastal sites in the last few years. All produced unexpected results, from different periods. At Lepe we found round-houses and kilns. Was there a New Forest pottery industry that wasn’t the ‘New Forest Pottery Industry’ and why were they importing stone from Dorset?  In Buckland work is ongoing on a site that had round-house like features on the geophysics but produced what appears to be the Forest’s first Saxon rectangular hall, and at Lymington instead of salt pans we found medieval ‘sleeching’. All three sites reinforce the importance of the coast in the story of the New Forest.

The Talk

Date: 2017

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