Soundwalk along the Ober Water near Brockenhurst

Soundwalk Along Ober Water

Join me for a walk in The New Forest along a woodland stream called Ober Water near the village of Brockenhurst. We’ll meet a dog splashing the stream, hear the bubbling water as it makes its way through the forest, crunch through some autumn leaves, encounter a wild forest pony coming to drink, be enveloped by the sound of birdsong, and perhaps even hear a woodpecker.

By the way, I recorded this soundwalk using a special production method, which will give you the feeling of really being immersed in the landscape and surrounded by the woodland and the stream, just like you’re really there – as long as you listen on headphones (the surround sound effect doesn’t work on speakers). For the technically-minded, it’s a recording technique known as ‘binaural’. Click on the link below to take the walk with me. It’ll be nice to have you along…

Soundwalk along the Ober Water


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