Modelling Calshot Castle

Britian from Above: Calshot Castle and Ower Lake, Calshot, from the north-east, 1928 EPW020480

Calshot Castle is an artillery fort constructed by Henry VIII on the Calshot Spit, Hampshire, England, between 1539 and 1540. It formed part of the King’s Device programme to protect against invasion and defend the entrance to Southampton Water. The castle had a keep at its centre, surrounded by a curtain wall and a moat. Initially heavily armed, it had a garrison of 16 men and as many as 36 artillery guns. Calshot Castle saw continued use and renovation and expansion through until 1961. This 3D animation recreates the castle when it was first built by Henry VIII, it was created by computer gaming student Harrison Jerreat for his BSc Games Technology final year project at Bournemouth University using UE4.

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Date: 1539

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