Living at Beaulieu Airfield post war

Jacqueline Ross (nee. Heighes) Identity Card - Cover and back. Courtesy of Jacqueline Ross

After the war the anciallary sites of many of the airfields and military camps on the New Forest were used to house victims of bomb damage around the the county and also as temporary homes for people using the sites for ongoing training and experimental work.

Jacqueline Ross (nee. Heighes) contacted us to share her memory of living in Hut No.8 on Site 4 at Beaulieu Airfield when she was 4 years old until the 1950’s. Her father was an Aircraft engineer BOAC most likely associated with the ongoing activities at Beaulieu under the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment.

The site is now Roundhill Campsite the huts are not marked on the WWII archaeology layer as they were hidden under trees. However if you have a look at the 1946 Air Ministry Works Directorate plan for Beaulieu in the Beaulieu Airfield Overview, you will see the huts of site No.4 on the plan for Beaulieu Airfield Anciallary Area.

Do you have any memories of living in any of the mitlitary or airfield camps after the war? if so please share them with us.

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Date: 1947

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