Gypsies In The New Forest (1947)

Film footage from British Pathe of New Forest Gypsies in 1947.

Information found in the old record: Date 01/12/1947 – Mute Neg. FILM ID:2200.06

Various shots of the shacks of the gypsy encampment in the New Forest showing tents, people, dogs, chickens and utensils scattered about. MS. Various shots of the Gypsy women and children. CU. A boy preparing a meal in a bucket over a campfire. MS. A man sawing logs. MS. Small boy peeping out of a shack. CU. The small boy peeping out of a shack. CU. The small boy showing his ragged clothing. Several shots of an older boy posing for the camera. CU. A mother and baby. CU. Chickens. MS. Line of washing strung between trees. MS. Three gypsies on horseback trotting along road. CU. A signpost pointing to Lyndhurst. Moves are afoot to turn the nomadic people who live in shacks in the New Forest out.

A comment from Trish Wilson adds to the above description:

In the gypsies in the New Forest you have said in the description that a boy is preparing a meal in a bucket. It perfectly clear he is stirring his mothers boiling washing ready to put in the enamel washing bowl that is shown next. It would be rubbed and rinsed out in this bowl. These Romany Gypsy people would never have food in anything that had held dirty washing or even clean washing. It is absolutely against their culture. Cooking pots, or fry pans would be always kept for just that, cooking. I have always lived in a house but am extremely proud to be a Romany. I have huge respect for the hardworking people from which both my parents came.

Date: 1947

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