Copythorne Roll of Honour

St Marys Copythorne with roll of honour. Credit: NFNPA

Every year for Remembrance Day Copythorne Parish History Society create an avenue of Remembrance at St Mary’s Church Copythorne. The avenue runs from the war memorial besides the road up the gravel track to the church and culminates in two large banners either side of the church door that are a roll of honour for the men of Copythorne who lost their lives in the Great War. All the names and pictures were researched by the Copythorne Parish History Society and funding from the National Lottery Heritage fund was made available through the Our Past, Our Future Landscape Partnership Scheme was provided to desgin and create the banners for the society.

The roll of honour contains 310 names. 126 have photos linked to them and 196 don’t. Can you help add more images to the names?

The men come from Bartley, Copythorne, Cadnam, Newbridge, Ower & Winsor


THE GREAT WAR 1914 – 1918


This list of names with photographs

Edward Abbott           Hampshire Reg.                             Copythorne

William Abbott           Royal Field Artillery                       Cadnam

Reginald Andrews*     Merchant Navy                               Bartley

Harry Arnold               Royal Navy                                          Cadnam

Charles Atkins             Army                                                   Cadnam

Thomas Avery             Middlesex Reg.                                Cadnam

Harry Barnes               Hampshire Reg.                             Bartley

Thomas Beavis            R. M.L.I                                              Money Hills

George Bessant          7th Hampshire                                  Winsor

George Bessant          Merchant Service                             Winsor

William Bessant          Army                                                 Winsor

Steven Biddlecombe  Merchant Service                            Copythorne

Wilfred Biddlecombe 1st/4th Dorset Reg.                       Newbridge

Frank Boyce               Royal Navy                                         Pollards Moor

Jim Boyce                   Royal Navy                                        Pollards Moor

Frederick Broomfield Light Infantry                                     Winsor

Frederick Burton*      1st Rifle Brigade                                Money Hills

Reginald Churcher    Hampshire Reg.                                Winsor

Wilfred Collard*        1st & 4th Hampshire                      Copythorne

William Colquhoun* Royal Navy                                          Cadnam

Reginald Dalrymple  Scots Guards                                     Bartley Lodge

Ian Dalrymple*         Highland Light Inf.                           Bartley Lodge

Eli Doe                      Merchant Service                            Bartley

William Doe*            Merchant Service                             Bartley

Stanley Down           Flying Corp                                          Cadnam

John Dowding*         Royal Navy                                          Winsor

Edward Dunnings     Royal Artillery                                  Bartley

Charles Effemy*        R.M.A                                                  Pollards Moor

Rupert Effemy*         R.M.L.I                                                 Bartley

Wilfred Egerton        Army                                                     Cadnam

Edwin Ellis*               R.F.A                                                     Cadnam

William Everett         Somerset L.Infantry                       Money Hills

George Farmer         Hampshire Reg.                               Newbridge

Reginald Farmer*     Grenadier Guard                            Cadnam

William Frampton*   Ox & Bucks L. Infantry                  Cadnam

Albert Fry                 R.G.A                                                   Cadnam

Charles Fry*              Light Infantry                                    Cadnam

Roland Gear*            Tank Corps.                                       Winsor

Edward Gould           Hampshire Reg.                               Bartley

Walter Gould            Hampshire Reg.                               Cadnam

Ernest Gurman         Field Ambulance                             Money Hills

Egbert Hack             London Reg.                                      Bartley

Arthur Harris            15th Hampshire                               Cadnam

Charlie Harris           2nd/ 5th Hampshire Reg.              Cadnam

Louis Harrison*        Somerset Light Infantry               Winsor

Allan Hatch              R.M.L.I                                                 Ower

Jesse Hatch              Suffolk Reg.                                       Ower

Osman Hatch           Hampshire Reg.                               Ower

Sam Hatch               Labour Corps                                    Ower

James Heathcote*   Coldstream Guard                          Bartley

Martin Heathcote*  Royal Fusiliers                                   Bartley

Mark Henbest         Hampshire Reg.                               Pollards Moor

Albert Hibberd        Merchant Service                            Winsor

John Hinvest           Merchant Service                            Bartley

Albert Holmes        Canadian Infantry                           Bartley

William Hope*        R.N.A.S                                              Copythorne

Harold Jones          Hampshire Reg.                               Pollards Moor

Matthew Jones       Hampshire Reg.                               Bartley

Ernest Judd*           10th Hampshire Reg.                    Winsor

James Judd*           Coldstream Guard                         Winsor

Walter Judd*          Hampshire Reg.                              Cadnam

Ernest Kemish        R.H & R.F.A                                       Winsor

George Kemp         Hampshire Reg.                              Ower

Leslie Kemp*           R. Berkshire Reg.                            Ower

Reginald Kemp       R. Engineer                                       Ower

George King           Hampshire Volunteers                 Bartley

George King           R.A.M.C                                              Bartley

Harold Kitcatt         Hampshire Reg.                              Copythorne

Horace Kitcatt        9th/15th Hampshire Reg.             Copythorne

Albert Lane            Merchant Service                           Bartley

William Lane          Merchant Service                           Bartley

James Lanham       Royal Navy                                        Newbridge

Gilbert Lawford      R. Engineer                                       Cadnam

Leslie Lawrence      Merchant Service                           Cadnam

Joe Loader*            Wiltshire Reg.                                Cadnam

Frank Lovell            Hampshire Reg.                              Cadnam

Percy Lovell            Royal Navy                                        Cadnam

Reginald Maitland  R.H & R.H.A                                      Bartley

Albert Mason          Army                                                   Winsor

Sidney Mason                                                                  Winsor

Horace Masterman Royal Engineer                                Winsor

Stanley Masterman*R.G.A                                                   Winsor

Alfred Mills              Hampshire Reg.                               Winsor

Percy Mills                           Royal Navy                                        Winsor

Thomas Mills                      Middlesex Reg.                               Bartley

Fred Minor*                       Royal Navy                                        Winsor

William Mouland             Royal Navy                                        Cadnam

Claude Murray                R.A.S.C                                               Ower

Harvey Norbury               Tank Corp                                          Bartley

Edward Norman               Merchant Service                           Bartley

Charlie Northover            Royal Navy                                       Newbridge

Alfred Osman                    Coldstream Guard                         Bartley

John Osman                      R.A.F                                                   Bartley

Sidney Osman                   Hampshire Reg.                               Bartley

Walter Osman*               Devonshire Reg.                             Bartley

William Osman*               Dorset Reg.                                        Bartley

Albert Painter*                 2nd Hampshire Reg.                       Copythorne

Charles Painter*               R.A.S.C                                                Copythorne

Howard Painter               Wiltshire Reg.                                  Copythorne

Frederick Peckham*       Gloucester Reg.                                Bartley

Frederick Reeves             Royal Navy                                         Bartley

Sidney Reeves                   R.A.S.C                                                Bartley

William Reeves                 Hampshire Reg.                               Newbridge

Benjamin Rockley            Royal Navy                                         Bartley

George Shears                  Hampshire Reg.                               Copythorne

William Shears                  Hampshire Reg.                               Copythorne

John Shepherd                  Merchant Service                            Bartley

John Shergold                    Royal Navy                                        Bartley

Roger Sloane-Stanley     Hampshire Reg.                               Paultons

Emmanuel Soffe               Forestry Corp                                    Bartley

Enos Soffe                          Merchant Service                            Cadnam

Shem Soffe                         Merchant Service                            Bartley

Talbot Stanhope*           2nd Rifle Brigade                             Bartley

Harvey Stratton                Merchant Service                            Cadnam

Silas Stride                          Devon/ Dorset Reg.                        Bartley

Richard Vachell*               Flying Corp                                         Bartley

Thomas Walker                 R.A.S.C                                               Cadnam

Edward Warland*           Merchant Service                            Cadnam

William Wells*                2nd/6th Worcester Reg.                Bartley

Harry Whettingsteel       1st Devonshire Reg.                       Bartley

Frank Whitcher                 Royal Navy                                         Cadnam

Sam Whitcher*                 R.H & R.F.A                                        Cadnam

James Wilkins                   15th Warwick Reg.                         Bartley

Albert Wingham               Merchant Service                            Winsor

Reggie Wingham              Hampshire Reg.                               Winsor

Claude White*                   Flying Corp                                         Cadnam

List of men with no photographs

George Abbott                 Soldier                                                Cadnam

Frank Alford*                    Royal Navy                                          Bartley

Frederick Andrews          Merchant Service                             Bartley

Thomas Barnes*             1st Hampshire Reg.                         Bartley

Edward Bateman             Royal Engineer                               Cadnam

Albert Beavis                      Army Service Corps                       Cadnam

Frederick Beavis               Gloucestershire Reg.                    Ower

James Beavis                      Merchant Service                             Winsor

Richard Beavis                   Merchant Service                           Cadnam

Harkles Bennett                Middlesex Reg.                                              Cadnam

Arthur Bessant                  Royal Engineer                                Winsor

Frederick Bessant            Royal Garrison Artillery                 Bartley

William Bessant                Royal Navy                                          Winsor

Frederick Biddlecombe  Merchant Service                           Cadnam

William Blake                     Merchant Service                             Bartley

William Blandford            Merchant Service                             Winsor

Arthur Boyce                      5th Hampshire Reg.                        Pollards Moor

Arthur Boyce                      Hampshire Reg.                               Pollards Moor

Sidney Boyce*                   Royal Navy                                          Bartley

Geoffrey Braun                 Army Service Corps.                        Copythorne

William Bright                  Special War Worker                       Bartley

Frederick Brockway         25th West Surrey Reg.                  Cadnam

William Brockway           Gloucestershire Reg.                      Cadnam

Frank Broomfield             Merchant Service                            Winsor

George Broomfield*       Merchant Service                             Cadnam

Matthew Broomfield      Merchant Service                             Cadnam

Frank Castleman*            Royal Navy                                          Bartley

George Clarke                   Navy                                                      Copythorne

Harry Colbourne*            Royal Navy                                          Winsor

Victor Collins                      Royal Engineer                                  Copythorne

Frank Cook                         Hampshire Reg.                              Winsor

Hardy Coombes                                                                               Bartley

Harry Crockford*             2nd Wiltshire Reg.                         Cadnam

Alfred Cull                           Royal Navy                                         Newbridge

George Cull*                      Royal Garrison Artillery                 Cadnam

Donald Dalrymple            Royal Field Artillery                        Bartley Lodge

George Davis                                                                                     Cadnam

Albert Doe                          Merchant Service                           Bartley

David Doe                           Hampshire Reg.                                Bartley

Joseph Doe                         Merchant Service                             Bartley

Frederick Doe                   Merchant Service                             Bartley

William Drew                     Royal Navy                                          Winsor

Henry Duke                                                                                       Bartley

George Duke                                                                                     Bartley

Alfred Dunnings                Forestry Corp                                   Bartley

Arthur Dunnings               Royal Army Service Corps.            Bartley

John Eaden                         Royal Field Artillery                        Bartley

Charles Eaton*                  2nd Hampshire Reg.                       Bartley

Henry Edney                      Gloucestershire Reg.                      Bartley

Robert Ellis*                       Royal Field Artillery                        Cadnam

Thomas Ellis                        Rifle Brigade                                      Cadnam

Frederick Farmer*           5th Wiltshire Reg.                            Cadnam

Harry Farmer                     Merchant Service                             Bartley

Henry Flay*                        Canadian Infantry                            Cadnam

William Flay*                     Royal Navy                                          Cadnam

Samuel Frampton*          Australian Infantry                        Cadnam

Bertie Gailer                       1st/7th Hampshire Reg.                Bartley

William Gailer                    1st Hampshire Reg.                         Bartley

Charlie Gain*                     Irish Rifle Brigade                             Cadnam

Frank Goddard                  Royal Navy                                          Bartley

Percy Gould                        Hampshire Reg.                                Cadnam

James Goucher*              Hampshire Reg.                                Money Hills

Stanley Gradidge              Hampshire Reg.                                Ower

Frederick Gray                   Hampshire Reg                                  Winsor

Albert Grayer                    Somerset Light Infantry                 Bartley

Alfred Grayer                    Royal Army Veterinary Corps.    Cadnam

Harry Grayer                      Wiltshire Reg.                                    Cadnam

Albert Green                      Merchant Service                            Bartley

Frederick Green                Merchant Service                            Bartley

Leonard Green

Dan Hatch                           Royal Marine Light Infantry          Ower

Frank Hatch                        Royal Navy                                          Ower

Thomas Hatch                    Royal Navy                                          Ower

William Harrington*      Grenadier Guards                            Copythorne

George Heathcote           Royal Fusiliers                                    Bartley

George Henbest               Royal Navy Reserve                        Cadnam

Augustus Hinvest*          8th Gloucestershire Reg.              Bartley

William Hiscock               Merchant Service                             Bartley

Richard Hope                     Royal Navy                                          Copythorne

Samson Hughes               Hampshire Reg.                                Winsor

William Hunt                      Merchant Service                             Cadnam

Henry Hutchins                                                                                Bartley

Harry Jackson*                  Royal Marine Light Infantry          Cadnam

Allan Jones*                       Royal Navy                                          Bramshaw

Charles Jones                     3rd Hampshire Reg.                        Winsor

James Jones*                    Hampshire Reg.                                Winsor

Arthur Judd                        Royal Navy Reserve                         Cadnam

Charles Judd                       Royal Army Medical Corp              Bartley

Harry Judd                         Merchant Service                             Bartley

Harry Keen                         Royal Engineer                                  Winsor

Sidney Kemish                                                                                  Ower

William Kemish                                                                                 Winsor

Albert Kemp                       Hampshire Reg.                                Ower

Charles Kilford*                Merchant Service                             Ower

Charles Kilford                   Royal Engineer                                  Bartley

Redford King                      Hampshire Reg.                                Newbridge

Samuel King                        Hampshire Reg.                                Newbridge

Arthur Kitcherside           Royal Marine Light Infantry          Ower

Edwin Kitcherside*         East Surrey Reg.                                               Ower

James Kitcherside                                                                           Ower

Alfred Kitcatt                      Merchant Service                            Copythorne

Ernest Knowlton*            Merchant Service                             Bartley

Lawson Knowlton*          Royal Garrison Artillery                 Wittensford

Bertie Lanaghan                Royal Navy                                          Winsor

Edward Lanaghan            Army                                                     Winsor

George Langdon               Merchant Service                             Cadnam

Alfred Lawford                  Hampshire Reg.                                Cadnam

Robert Lawrence              Scottish Fusiliers                               Copythorne

Wesley Lawrence*          Royal Navy                                          Cadnam

Bert Light                             Army                                                     Bartley

Douglas Light                     7th Hampshire Reg.                        Bartley

Harold Light                        Army                                                     Bartley

Lawrence Light                  Somerset Light Infantry                 Bartley

Wilfred Light                      Army                                                     Bartley

John Loader                        Hampshire Reg.                                Cadnam

Richard Loader*               1st/4th Gloucestershire Reg.      Cadnam

Charles Lovell                     Royal Army Medical Corps.          Cadnam

George Lovell                    14th Hampshire Reg.                      Cadnam

William Maidment                                                                          Bartley

Fred Mansbridge*           Coldstream Guards                         Newbridge

Wilfred Mansbridge*     Ox & Bucks Light Infantry             Newbridge

Arthur Matthews             Royal Navy                                         Bartley

Thomas McManus           Merchant Service                             Ower

Ernest Morgan                  Royal Army Service Corps             Bartley

Douglas Mills                      Merchant Service                             Bartley

Joseph Mouland*            Worcestershire Reg.                      Cadnam

Sidney Mouland               Royal Army Service Corps             Cadnam

Harold Moody                  Merchant Service                             Cadnam

Alverto Moth                     Labour Corp                                       Bartley

Reginald Newman           Training Reserve                              Bartley

Walter Newman               Wiltshire Reg.                                    Bartley

Arthur Nutbourne           Royal Navy                                          Bartley

Harry Nutbourne             Royal Navy                                          Bartley

Walter Nutbourne           Hampshire Reg.                                Bartley

Fred Osman                        Merchant Service                             Winsor

Thomas Osman*              Merchant Service                             Bartley

Lewis Painter                     Canadian Rifles                                 Copythorne

James Patterson*            Royal Navy                                          Winsor

Albert Payne*                   Royal Navy                                          Winsor

Frederick Payne                Royal Army Service Corps             Winsor

George Penny                   Yorks & Lancs Reg.                           Copythorne

John Philps                          Royal Army Service Corps             Cadnam

Ernest Pilgrim                     Royal Navy                                          Bartley

Wilfred Pointer                 12th Gloucestershire Reg.            Cadnam

Walter Poole                      Royal Navy                                          Cadnam

William Prince*                 Training Reserve                              Cadnam

Harry Pritchard*               Merchant Service                             Winsor

Walter Purkiss                   Labour Corp                                       Cadnam

William Rainsley               Royal Navy                                         Cadnam

William Ripler                    Army                                                     Cadnam

George Russell*                Canadian Infantry                            Cadnam

William Russell                  Hampshire Reg.                                Bartley

Alfred Sheppard               Merchant Service                             Money Hills

Sidney Shepherd              Royal Engineer                                  Bartley

Edwin Simmons                Army Remount Service                  Winsor

Albert Smith                       Hampshire Reg.                               Pollards Moor

Frank Smith                       Army Medical    Corps.                   Winsor

Oliver Snelgar                    1st Wiltshire Reg.                             Bartley

Reginald Snelgar               Royal Navy                                          Bartley

Robert Snelgar                 Royal Horse Artillery                       Bartley

Tom Snelgar                       Durham Light Infantry                    Bartley

Arthur Soffe*                    2nd Hampshire Reg.                       Bartley

Jesse Spratt                        Hampshire Reg.                                Cadnam

Charles Stanhope             15th Hussars                                      Bartley

William Starmes               Hampshire Reg.                                Bartley

Alfred Stratton                  Royal Navy                                          Cadnam

William Sturgess              Royal Garrison Artillery

Tom Taylor                          Royal Navy                                          Winsor

Ralph Thomas                    Royal Navy                                          Winsor

Wilfred Thomas*             10th Hampshire Reg.                      Winsor

Alfred Thompson             Hampshire Reg.                                Bartley

Leonard Turner                                                                                Cadnam

Charles Wall                                                                         Bartley Lodge

Frederick Walls                12th Lancers of the Line              Cadnam

Charles Waters*               Royal Field Artillery                         Bartley

Alfred Whitcher                Royal Engineer                                Cadnam

Frederick Whitcher          Volunteer Corp                                 Cadnam

William Whitcher             Royal Army Medical Corps.          Cadnam

John Whitmarsh*             Royal Fusiliers                                   Bartley

Percy Whetren                  Army                                                    Newbridge

William Whetren             Army Service Corps.                        Newbridge

Cecil Whettingsteel         Royal Engineer                                 Bartley

Fred White                          Royal Garrison Artillery                 Cadnam

Harold White                     Royal Navy                                          Cadnam

Harry Young*                     Flying Corp                                         Wittensford

Date: 1914

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