Conservation at Christ Church Emery Down

Ward Jackson (EDCC151) Monument prior to conservation. Credit:NFNPA

As part of the National Lottery Heritage Funded Our Past, Our Future Landscape Partnership Scheme a number of projects have been undertaken at Christ Church Emery Down.

Following extensive mapping and survey work undertaken by archaeologists and the local community a number of conservation projects have been undertaken on certain monuments in the graveyard.

You can read more about the survey element of the work here: Revealing the Secrets of Christ Church Emery Down Graveyard 

Ward Jackson (EDCC151)

The box tomb with stone fencing around dedicated to Emily and William Ward-Jackson is quite an impressive monument, but was in a very bad state with elements falling over and broken up and extensive damage caused by vegetation. Work was undertaken to removed the vegetation and renovate the tomb.

Inscription: William Ward-Jackson died 27 September 1903, born 29 March 1833

Elphinstone (EDCC104 & 105)

On the other end of the scale two rather unassuming simple wooden crosses are dedicated to the memory of Jane Edith Elphinstone (Died: 8th October 1959) and Lancelot Henry Elphinstone Knight (Died: 11th October 1965). The crosses were covered in lichens and would have been left alone. Unfortnately as they were not set in any base they collaapsed due to rot at the base. Work was done to clean, stain and set the cross in metal bases. Initially the crosses looked rather stark in their new colouring, but some months on they have already faded back to fit in with their surroundings.



Date: 1864

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