Petitioners: William de Sleford (Sleaford), dean of St Stephen’s chapel in the palace of Westminster…

Description: Petitioners: William de Sleford (Sleaford), dean of St Stephen's chapel in the palace of Westminster and the canons of the chapel. Name(s): de Sleford (Sleaford), William. Addressees: Council. Occupation: dean of St Stephen's chapel in the palace of Westminster. Nature of request: The dean and canons request remedy, since Edward I purchased certain lands in Kent late of the Countess of Huntingdon, of which he enfeoffed his son John and other lords who then granted by their charter to the dean and canons a certain parcel for 40 years in discharge of a great sum of money which they took yearly from the King at his Exchequer. And then Burley, regardless of the said discharge and grant, wrongfully ousted them, in which matter a writ was granted in the last parliament which is now before the council. Also, whereas Burley has caused the greater part of the large trees growing in the park of Langley to be cut down, which park was part of the land granted to the petitioners, they request that a certain day be assigned for them to show and declare the title and warrant by which they were granted the land and that in the meantime Burley not allow any trees to be cut down in the said park. Nature of endorsement: Burley should be called before the council by writ three weeks after Easter next and the dean and canons of the chapel ordered to be there at the same time, and then justice should be done in this matter, and those who cut down the wood ordered and charged by writs to stop doing so in the meantime. Places mentioned: Westminster; Huntingdon, [Huntingdonshire]; Langley Park, [Kent]. People mentioned: Edward III, King of England; [Juliana de Leybourne], late Countess of Huntingdon; John [of Gaunt], King of Castile and Leon, Duke of Lancaster; Simon de Burele (Burley), deputy chamberlain.
Date: 01/01/1383 - 31/12/1388
Last import: September 11, 2017

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