LoCATE (Local Community Archaeological Training and Equipment) is a partnership between archaeologists at Bournemouth University and the New Forest National Park.  Working with archaeological societies and community groups from across Hampshire and Dorset the project provides access, training, and support to advanced survey equipment that would otherwise be hard to obtain.

LoCATE aims to support the research that local groups already do by extending the range of techniques and skills they can apply to their own research. The goal is to enable an even greater contribution to the understanding of the rich archaeological heritage of our region. This is done specifically by providing access to equipment that is not always accessible to local groups. The current equipment that is freely available for groups to book out and use in their own time is a FM36 Magnetometer, a RM15 Resistivity meter and a Leica Flexline TS06+ 5” R500 Total Station. These have been supplied and maintained by Bournemouth University with funding support from the Hampshire Field Club, CBA Wessex and the New Forest Sustainable Communities Fund.

Bournemouth university and the NFNPA provide free training on the equipment for interested users.

If you are interested in joining LoCATE or accessing the equipment as a local group please contact us on the details below


New Forest National Park Authority
Lymington Town Hall
Avenue Road
Lymington Hampshire
SO41 9ZG

Contact: Hilde van der Heul

Phone: 07876 898103

Email: archaeology@newforestnpa.gov.uk