Revealing the secrets of St Michaels & All Angels Lyndhurst Churchyard

Author: Jack Brown

As part of the Our Past, Our Future, Heritage Lottery Funded (HLF) Landscape Partnership Scheme the New Forest National Park Archaeology Team have been working with Lyndhurst to survey the condition of, and record the monuments in St Michaels & All Angels graveyard. The survey will help accurately map and identify monuments that can be conserved using HLF funds and will ultimately create a database for ongoing management of the graveyard. The other ambition is to make the list of burials and monuments within the graveyard available to the public on this site to help people who are researching their family trees.

St Michaels & All Angels Volunteer Survey

To start the survey Bournemouth Archaeology were commissioned to undertake a rapid GPS survey of the graveyard monuments to produce a digital map. The map can be seen as an image above or downloaded here: St Michaels & All Angels Lyndhurst Map. This data is also available on the New Forest Knowledge map; if you visit the homepage and then explore the map by expanding the layers and turning on Churchyard Memorials under the archaeology layer.

The local community were then encouraged to start adding further data and information to this base survey using guidance based on Historic England Advice for Caring for Heritage Cemeteries and Burial Grounds. This was used to create some bespoke guidance for the New Forest.

Though a paper form can be filled in on site the data from this needs to be inputted into the main New Forest Churchyard database. This is managed through ArcGIS and the digital form can be accessed here: New Forest Survey Form

As this data is added by volunteers the main database will be updated so you will be able to explore it on New Forest Knowledge.

Can you Help?

Can you help Lyndhurst complete their graveyard survey. All the background information you need is above and then you can visit the graveyard and spend some time exploring the site and maybe add some information using the forms.


As well as the graveyard survey adding names and dates to the database allowing residents and visitors to research their family history the condition monitoring element is allowing monuments suitable for conservation using National Lottery Heritage Funding. A number of monuments in St Michaels & All Angels have recently been conserved and you can find out more about them here: Conservation at St Michael’s & All Angels

St Michaels has also been subject to a Leader and NHLF funded project to improve access to some of the monuments and for the removal and recording of the stepped path made out of old headstones. You can read more here: Lyndhurst Church Gravestone Steps – Improving Access Project


As well as hard graft from volunteers we have been using technology to help us reveal the secrets of Lyndhurst; Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI). The process involves taking numerous photos of one monument with a raking light and then letting the computer do the hard work to produce some amazing results. If you are interested in learning more about RTI photography you can do: here. The results produced highlighted how valuable RTI is; as the inscriptions that were once illegible have now been legible, providing a greater resource within the overall survey and documentation process. Despite this, due to deterioration of the gravestones, some gravestones could not be fully transcribed even with RTI being used.

Following the successful demonstration of RTI photography by Archaeovision on four of the headstones within St Michaels & All Angels a follow up recording project was commissioned as part of the Leader funded scheme to remove, record and re-locate the headstones used in an old path through the churchyard. The St Michael & All Angels Church, Lyndhurst: Churchyard Improving Access Project led to RTI work being undertaken on 80 inscribed monuments.


The following inscriptions have been transcribed through RTI. From the photo’s shown, the transformation is highlighted from before and after the RTI is applied. Despite how useful RTI is, deterioration of gravestones made some gravestones difficult to transcribe and hence, total recovery of the inscriptions may not have been possible.

Grave A:

“In Memory of William Blampin who died in Lyndhurst December 17th 1879, Aged 11 years. I heard the of Jesus say Come unto Me and rest; Lay down, thou weary one, lay down, Thy head upon My breast. I came to Jesus as I was, Weary and worn and sad; I found in Him a resting-place, And He has made me glad. His end was Peace. Also of William Blampin The beloved son of William & Elizabeth Blampin who died at Bam.. December 10th 1879, Aged 6 months Not only … memory In memory of Ill”

Grave B:

“To The memory of William Hurl Who departed this life October 2nd 1840 Aged 72 years. Also of Fanny Wife of the above who departed this life December 15th 1851 Aged 66 years Their end was (?)”

Grave C:

“To the memory of Francis Ranger Who departed this life Dec 17th 1815. Aged 78 years Also In the memory of Ann Ranger wife of Francis Ranger who departed this life June 23rd 1810 Aged 63 years”


“Sacred To the memory of James M’Taggart ESQ … who departed this life November 7th 1851 Aged 54? Also to … who departed this life 15th November 1889 Aged 75 years”


Sacred in the memory of


Sacred in the memory of Daughter of David August 10 181X Aged 1 years old


In Memory of John Adams. Died May the 19th 1792. Aged 51 Years. A faithful Friend. A husband Dear. A tender father lieth hear


In Memory of Solomon Bennett Who died Dec 13th 1845 Aged 40 years. Also of Selina Daughter of Solomon & Betsey Bennet Aged 10 Years. And of Louisa Their Daughter Aged 15 years. Also Betsey Bennet Died Aug 16th 1870 Aged 76


In The memory of William Plaskett Who died 21st Feb 1801 Aged 12 Years


Sacred To the Memory of William Davis Who parted this life July 1st 1850 Aged 80 years. Also In memory of Mary wife of William Davis Who parted this life May 12 1881. Aged 70 years


Fourth son of J.W. & M.A. Rider Who died 24 August 1881 Aged 14 Gentle as a little child


Also Lydia Elizabeth Fenn. Who died February 13th 1780. Aged 1 years 11 months. Side by side in garment …
Angel … in how blast …… …….


April 12 1851. Aged 85 years. Also Jane Wife of the above. Who died July 8 1825 Aged 56 years


In Memory of William Bist. Who departed this life On the 2nd of October 1817 Aged 79 years
Also in memory of Mary wife of the above William Bist. Who departed this life On the 2nd July 1817

Behold for old age here we lie If you are young prepare to die If you are old prepared be For quickly you must follow we


Sacred To the memory of Mr Joseph Taplin Of Bank in this Parish Who died on the 13th of February 1811? Aged 68 years. Also of Lydia Wife of the above
Who died June 4th 1827 Aged 50 years


Nothing present


In Memory of Stephen Crook Who departed this life September the 19th 1821 Aged 62 years Also Christiana wife of Stephen Crook Who departed this life
September the 27th 1832 Aged 71 years.


Memory of William Son of Step Christianna Crook Who died 3rd March 1811 Aged 20 years
Throw b… a tort and dance the past By hearens deeree linan chord ….
Also Stephen Their son Who departed this life April 22nd 1824 Aged 27 years


Sacred To the memory of Thomas White Of Lyndhurst Who departed this life On the 1st day of January 1830 Aged 69 years
Also To the memory of Mary The beloved wife of the above Thomas White Who departed this life On the 13th day of November 1835 Aged 61 years


In memory of Catherine wife of Richard Nightingale Who departed this life 11th September 1830 Aged 47 years
Also Of the above named Richard Nightingale Who died Feb 18th 1817 Aged 61 years


Sacred To the memory of Mary Ann wife of George Read Who departed thus life January 22nd 1860 Aged 13 yearsA sincere wife and Affectionate mother


Sacred To the memory of W.. R..y  Immby …. 16 1877/1775 …. …..


Sacred To the memory of Martha Wife of Joseph Judd Who died November 6th 1876 Aged 65 years


Sacred To the memory of Hanna Cole Who departed this life September 25 1850 Aged 82 years


In Memory of George ? Who died April? 1865 …..


Sacred To the memory of Mary Cole daughter of Hannah Cole Departed this life Aug 10th 1800 Aged 32 Years


Sacred To the memory of Silas Ward Who died in the Lord October 25 1878 Aged 50 years


Sacred To the memory of Bo.. Turner ….


Sacred To the memory of Isaac Shelley Who departed this life February 1. 1863 Aged .. YearsAlso of Sarah Wife of the above Issac Shelley Who departed this life July .. 1867 Aged .. Years


Sacred To the memory of James Golden Who departed this life December 3 1850 Aged 71 YearsThe Lord ….. ……. …..Also To the memory of Sophia Golden Widow of the above Who departed this life February 8th 1867 Aged 78 years


Sacred To the memory of Anne Broomfield Who died August 6th 1818 Aged 13 years. Also Of Harry John Broomfield April 7th 1838 Aged 18 years. In death their ….closed. Calmly as to a night repose


Sacred To the memory of Henry Broomfield Who departed This life in peace August 7th 1863 Aged 62 years. Blessed are the dead who Die in the lord. Also Elizabeth His beloved wife Who died March 10th 1876 Aged 73 years Nothing in my hand I bring simply To thy cross I cling


In Memory of John Cooper Who died September 4th 1851 Aged 58 years


In Memory of William Holley Who died May 7th 1881 Aged 77 years. Also Henrietta wife of the above Who died January 21st 1883 Aged 76 years. Also
Stephen son of the above Who died January 21 1865 Aged 19 years. Also Percy George Grandson of the above Who died March 12th 1872 Aged 1 year and 10 months. Thy will be done


Also of the above Named John Smith Who departed this life June 30th 1861 Aged 78 yearsThe souls of the righteous are in the Hand of God and there shall no torment Touch them in the sight of the unwise They seemed to die and their departure Is taken for misery, but they are in …


Sacred To the memory of Charles Broomfield Who departed this life Sep 27th 1865 Aged 72 years


Sacred To the memory of Charles Kaplin Who departed this life July? .. .. Aged.. Also of George Kaplin … … Also of H … Aged 50 years. Also of Jane Waterman Sister of the above Who died in September 1850 Aged 27 years


Sacred To the memory of James Bright Who died March 18th 1865 Aged 60 years. Behold, he taketh away, who Can hinder him? Who will say unto him, what doest thou? Also Ann Bright The beloved wife of the above Who died march 23rd 1878 Aged 70 years God is love … Also to Mary Bright …. Who died Aug … Aged 15 years Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.


To The memory of William Bailey Died July 25th 1864 Aged 74 years Also of Jane Bailey Relict of the above Died June 11th 1870 Aged 69 years
Two aged parents sleepth here Who lived and loved in Godly fear


Sacred To the memory of William Thomas Noble Who departed this life April 26th 1867 Aged 24 years Rest in peace


Of Scorton near Catterick In the county of York Who departed this life At Notherwood house 8th September 1840 Aged 38 years Be ye also ready for in such an
hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh


Nothing present


Sacred … Fo.. Wolfe


In Memory of George Lowman Who departed this life On the 2nd day of March 1813 in the 60th Year of his age


Memory of Eliz Waterman Who died Nov 1 1811 Aged 59 years Also of W. Waterman Husband of the above who died Oct 25 1832 aged 76 years. Render  R …..
B by… The day is bursting … The ..


Sacred To the memory of Ann Lowman A faithful & devoted Servant for 26 years To the dowager Countess of Erroll who died October 26 1846, Aged 58 years.
… .. .. .. .. them Ron .. Chap.. V..


Sacred To the memory of John Ives Who died Jan 2nd 1867 Aged … years


Sacred To the memory of Joshua Lambert …. … Who departed this life At 188.? September


In loving memory of Stephen Lightfoot Who died March 1876 Aged 72 years Also of Ann His wife And two children Who were interred At Brockenhurst
“Behold God is my helper the Lord Is with them that uphold my soul”


To The memory of George Wareham Who died the 19th Sept 1812 Aged 2 years With pain? … This .. With .. Blessed dear W In God O … one love

LSMAA144 and LSMAA145

In Memory of Sarah the wife of Richard Purge …. June the 6th 1895 In the 68 year of her age


In Memory of Anne the wife of George Broomfield Who departed this life February 19 1807 Aged 33 years


J.C.L. 1845 D.L 1864 G.L & A.L


Sacred To the memory of Harriet Wife of Fountain Hogg Esq Who died Oct 5th 1820 Aged 35 years Also of Fanny Their daughter Who died April 5th 1820 Aged 6 months


In memory of Edward Graves Oliver August 26 1866 November 22 1938 God is love And of Flora Edith Wife of the above August 23 1867


In Memory of Robert Barnes Who departed this life December the 25th 1815 Aged 44 years A loving husband a friend sincere Anda tender parent lieth here Also in memory of Charlotte wife of Robert Barnes Who departed this life February the 8th 1829 Aged 51 years Beautiful friends they was sincere


In Memory of Henry Hodges Of Lyxwood Who died March 16th 1831 Aged 62 years


In The memory of Catherine Butt Who died March 25th 1875 Them also which sleep in Jesus Will God bring with him


Sacred To the memory of Charles Norton Who departed this life December 5th 1810 Aged 25 years In prime of his … .. .. Also of Samuel Norton Father of the above Who departed this life January 7th 1811 Aged 60 years


To the memory of Mary wife of Robert Strange Who died 20th April 1863 Aged 33 years Also Mary Jane Daughter of the above Who died Aug .. 1881 Aged 22 years. Also Walter Son of the above Robert & Mary Strange Who died May 10 1856 Aged 22 years. Also of the above named Robert Strange


In beloved memory of Frederick Pound Who died March 30th 1874 Aged 63 years The lord gave the Lord Hath taken away


Sacred To the memory of Elizabeth Fenn Who died December 1868 Aged 40 years


To the memory of Charles Whitehorn Who died xx XOA MDCCCCxXXV Aged XLII


Sacred To the memory of John Goffe Who departed this life July X. M. DCCCNIX Elizabeth his wife Who departed this life May XXXL.M.DCCCXLVH Aged LXXXIV years


Sacred In The memory of Betty the wife of Aaron Newbolt Daughter of Charles & Mary Carpenter Who offer … … To God who gave it On the 16th of Sep 1807
Aged 59 years Also in memory of Aaron Newbolt Sen Who died the 3rd Sept 1816 Aged 72 years


In Memory of Elizabeth Wife of William Bradley Who departed this life June 26th 1831 Aged 72 years …. …. Also William Bradley Who died December 20th 1837
Aged 73 years .. .. ..


Here lieth the body of William the son of William Godge who Departed this life … March 1792? Aged 22 years …


In Memory of John I HGIIL He died Nov 19 1774? Aged 55 years B  d…… p with love and hope to life again


Sacred To the memory of John Newrolt Who departed this life 21st of September 1835 Aged 77 years Also to the memory of Elizabeth Watson Daughter of the above who departed this life 9th of December 1836 Aged 67 years


Nothing present


Sacred to the memory of David H.urin Ruffell Who died March 17th 1875 Aged 49 years In life respected In death lemmented


Here lies Ann the wife of Charles Newbolt Who died March of 1728 aged 72 years My soul in thy hands I trust Lord I in sweetly sleep My body falling to the dust I leave with thee to keep


Here lieth the body of Charles Newbolt who Departed this life on the 20 day of August 1745 Aged 65 years Also Catherine the wife of John H who died The 7th day of October 1766 Aged 70 years


In Memory of Rebecca Robert Who died Sept 26th 1831 Aged 19 years


W. D 1850 M.D 1851


Sacred To the memory of Martha the beloved wife Of Charles Broomfield Who departed this life February 18th 1849 Aged 57 years A faithful wide and
Affectionate mother


In Memory of John Bolling Who departed this life March 7th 1855 Aged 25 years .. .. .. ..


W.B. 1864 J H B 1870


S.L 1866


A.L. 1846


Sacred To the memory of John Thomas Catherine Webb Who died … Aged … years … .. Lord .. Also Amelia Their daughter Who died march .. 1810 Aged 15 years


.n Rich. Died January 13th 1877 Aged 54 years “The Lord gave and the Lord Hath take away” “Thy will be done”


Nothing present


In Memory of Sir Henry William B… Who died Jan 1st 1839 Aged 19 years Also of William P… Who died Sept 9th 1856 Aged 56 years … ..


In Memory of Ann the wife of John Goffe Who departed this life June the 30th 1785 Aged 35 years … That .. O…


P.B 1864


Nothing present

LSMAAEmery Down

In Memory of Eliza Wife of Frances Peckham Who died Aug 11 1865 Aged 39 Blessed are the dead Which die in the Lord

LSMAAExtra 1

Mary Wife of the above Who died March 17 Aged 86

LSMAAExtra 2


LSMAAExtra 3

Memory of Thomas W Who died February 186 Aged 66 years His end was peaceful

LSMAAExtra 4

Thomas Carpenter 1882

LSMAAExtra 5

In Hope Rommis XII 12

LSMAAExtra 6

Jane Carpenter 1879

LSMAAExtra 7

Emma Dele died July 2nd

Other Churchyards

As well as Burley we have been working at the following graveyards and using RTI to reveal their secrets.

New Forest Graveyard Survey

Date: 2016
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    Monumental Inscription No. LSMAA112 – the correct death dates for this couple are 1 January 1850 (for Thomas White) and the year 1838 for his wife (Mary). Verified as they are ancestors of my family.

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